Sunday, 29 May 2016


Mystery News
We have cops dash-cam picking up a giant fireball in the skies over Quebec
Dozens of Peruvian children have been seemingly possessed and tormented by what they are describing as a large bearded man wearing all black who’s chasing and choking them.  They pass out and have convulsions while screaming and foaming at the mouth.  Some disturbing images for sure.  Interesting to note that the article states the school may have been built on a mafia graveyard.
And there have been some werewolf sightings in a London town!  The articles states that it may be the imfamous Old Stinker werewolf that has been spotted in the area for over 200 years.
Disclosure News
We’ve got a LOT of Disclosure stuff in the news lately.  We start with this article about NASA revealing that jupiter’s moon Europa most likely has life on it!
Here’s a couple minute video from RT blowing the lid off what is really going on with regards to all of the false flag terror attacks recently

A congressman is publicly announcing that the American public needs to know the truth about 9/11 and what is in the classified report papers

A few articles here about how Obama may come out with Disclusure by the end of his presidency!  This would obviously be huge, but we will have to wait and see whether he does full or partial disclosure, or whether he does it at all.  The articles stem from the express news article where Stephen Bassatt,

Here’s an article talking about how intelligent ET civilizations out there may be in the trillions!  The picture of 10000 galaxies puts it into perspective.

Here we have a White House representative talking about the “grand conspiracy” that evelopes the world
And we have an article about David Icke’s correct reptilian theory making waves on the internet!
And finally an article detailing all of the news coverage lately concerns chemtrails.  This video collage is really good!


Gaia News
Portugal has reached a massive milestone by running on renewable energy for 4 days straight!
And we have Alex Jones correctly stating that the elite want to kill the earth and everyone on it
Cabal News

Lots of stuff in cabal news as well!  This article is talking about how a CIA officer was captured in Aleppo where he was in command of an Al Qaeda group
Secureteam10 has been officially debunked as a disinfo agent
The infestation of cabal pedophilia has come to light through Elijah Wood’s recent statements about things he has gone through
Corey Feldman was also recently interviewed where he says the number one problem in Hollywood is the pedophilia
And then he publicly supported what Elijah was revealing about the corrupt Satanist cabal
 here we have Hillary under fire from the state department for emailgate.  She hasn’t been interviewed by the FBI yet so we’re still waiting on that shoe to drop
The cabal’s wet dream would be to create GMO humans that are dossile and easily controlled.  This animal human hybrid is just another step in that process.
And we have a big story here about the Egyptian Airline’s crash which has yet to be solved.  Any plane crashes in these times are suspect of cabal tampering right away
Here’s another sign of the complete surveillance grid the US would like to have all over the world
A wealthy business man is ready to fund the recreation of 9/11 complete with buildings and planes.  He wants to put the conspiracy theories to rest, but we have yet to see what this would prove, possibly more disinfo.
Speaking about 9/11, the US senate has passed a bill to allow Saudi Arabia to be sued for their involvement in 9/11!
This best part is, the Saudi’s quickly turned about and pointed the finger right back at the US for creating the famous FF!  Infighting is a good sign that real change is close!

How about Google’s office in Paris raided by over 100 police over an invesitation into massive fraud and tax evasion! 

And an article claiming that the man who first exposed Cruz’s father as implicit in the JFK assassination has been murdered.  This would take some digging to confirm, but if true, tells you something.

Economy News
Here’s an article about how china recently bought a massive gold bank from London.  This could be a big sign that the new gold backed currency platform to take shape after the Event is moving forward well
At the same time, cabal henchman Soros is dumping stocks and buying gold.  Wonder why!?
And finally, some insight from Venezuela on what an economic collapse really looks like.  Government shut down, shortage of food and water, people are in rough shape over there, as are many people all over the world, so let’s hope the Event happens soon so the world’s most needy people get the help they need!

Trusted Sources News
 And in trusted sources news we’ve got an article from RT talking about the plan to liberate Raqqa.  This is cool because Cobra recently said, “
When Raqqa is liberated, that will very rapidly lead to the complete liberation of the Syrian pentagram and will drastically improve the situation in the Middle East.”

So we’ll see how that goes and hopefully the much needed healing can begin in Syria very soon!


Sunday, 15 May 2016


Disclosure News

We begin with an article from RT news detailing NASA’s plans for creation of new advanced propulsion systems.  This is more soft disclosure to gently awaken the masses to the real possibilities of space travel.
Next we have some exciting possibilities being mentioned by Rob Potter who says he is processing enquiries with an official representative of NOCA clean energy, based out of Toronto Canada.  This is their advertisement video for the MTG (Magnetic Transducer Generator) machine which might revolutionize planetary energy systems and free the world from this current energy paradigm.  This is actually just one of the things that the Event would bring – clean renewable energy technologies for the whole world which is, of course, the exact opposite of today’s structure where the rich get richer off humanity’s dependence on fossil fuels.  The MTG sounds like a BIG “game changer” to me!

Here’s an interesting article about how anonymous recently hacked and shut down the bank of England! They stating that they want to “start an online revolution” to retaliate against the “elite banking cartels putting the world in a perpetual state of chaos” Sounds like they are aware of what’s really going on!
And finally, we have another article from RT and it’s correctly pointing the finger at Saudi Arabia for involvement in the FF 9/11 attacks.

In space news we have more exciting stuff.  First we have an article from May 2 detailing how we had found 3 potentially habitable planets just around the corner
 Then a speculative article wondering what NASA was planning to announce on May,
This unfortunately did not turn out to be Full Disclosure but another step in the right direction. This type of announcement was the largest in NASA’s history and is another example of the slow but steady soft disclosure we are seeing every day.  Never the less, it is without question that the cosmos are teaming with conscious loving life.

More prepping the masses with articles like this one, asking whether we are on the brink of being told ET’s exist.  Here we need to remember that we will not be told any of the hidden truths the world governments are withhold from us until the Event where, in a nutshell, the good ET’s and humanity’s collective consciousness wins against the negative ET’s and their slaves the illuminate/cabal.  Full and complete Disclosure of all hidden truths will be revealed, including free energy, ET’s, humanity’s true potential to become planetary stewards and all of the cabal’s crimes against humanity
and finally another step towards space travel, as the SpaceX rocket is successfully landing on floating platforms.

in cabal news, we’ve got a couple of articles about Trump seemingly exposing some truth to the public.  The first is about Ted Cruz’s father being with the framed Lee Harvey Oswald just before his death.

And the second is his an article from RT quoting Trump on his views of the current corrupt global financial system "you never have to default because you print the money."  Two very interesting articles to have a look at!

Another sign that the corrupt global financial system is about to collapse once and for all, seen here when a renowned market analyst is calling for people to get out of the stock market and invest in gold instead.  The plan is to eventually create a fair and abundant global monetary system based on, and backed by, precious metals.  This, of course, will happen at the time of the Event when all corrupt debt is wiped out and we are free of debt slavery.
And finally, an article dealing with the 80,000 + files currently under review which most likely prove the Saudi’s were involved in 9/11. “The FBI found some additional responsive documents which it produced,” Julin said. “But it also found 80,266 pages of material in the Tampa Field Office of the FBI which had been marked with the file number for the FBI’s PENTTBOM investigation.”  PENTTBOM, which stands for Pentagon/Twin Towers Bombing, is the codename for the FBI’s investigation of the 9/11 attacks.

Mystery News

in mystery news, we have a UFO lighting up the night skies in Syria.  Some wonder if the positive ET’s are destroying Daesh.

And we also have a very interesting UFO over Mexico.  Could even be a living being.

Gaia News

Cool article here in Gaia news about how scientists have captured a bright flash of light when a sperm reaches the egg.  I would say this could very well be the moment our light body enters the physical dimension!
And a great story of how a teenager, with connections to the Canadian Space Agency, was able to find an undiscovered Mayan city by overlaying star patterns on Google images and realizing  one city was missing.  The fact that the Mayans aligned their cities with the stars tells you where we truly come from.

TS news
And in trusted sources news, we have a great interview done by Rob Potter on the Victory of Light radio show.  He speaks with Cobra and Corey Goode in their very first joint interview.  There’s some really good stuff in here for those who can handle the truth.

We also have the May monthly interview with Cobra.  These are now being well done by Lynn and Richard on the prepare for change website

Cobra also has an update here where he says that although some people are stating the Event has begun, it has not.  He points to this article to show that things are “business as usual”.  If we look at the article from geopolitics, we find some questions as to what the “Obama out” mic drop really meant.  They say it may have been Obama giving the covert sign that General Dunford will replace him when the Event happens and the constitutional republic is restored in America.